Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine

General objective

That the student knows the philosophical, anatomical, physiological, diagnostic and therapeutic fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine and be able through them to have an integrative vision of the human being that allows him to understand the health-disease binomial, as well as to know the causes Diseases.

Specific objectives

Understand energy concepts in relation to the laws of motion of the cosmos; Yin-Yang, five elements and their reflection in man, explaining the physiological mechanisms that govern him to maintain his optimal state of balance. To assimilate that the Traditional Chinese Medicine is an energetic medicine, that from this approach raises us an anatomo-physiology based on channels and collaterals and diverse viscera. That the student assimilate the energy physiology of each of the viscera and be able to distinguish the symptoms that occur when this function is unbalanced. Define the causes of the various diseases, the mechanisms of development, their evolution and their prognosis. To study the diagnostic methods used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, to detect health-disease status, cause, place and prognosis.

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