History, Philosophy, Guarantees

The School of Massage and Alternative Therapies of Mexico S.C. Was founded in 1991 with the intention of training people both in the medical profession and those interested in holistic health, under the concept “Art as health and health as art.” For over 25 years, EMTA has had as its main mission to transmit the importance of seeing health in the human being as a universe in which body, mind, emotion and spirit interact. Likewise, we have given the task of providing health professionals with the necessary tools to strengthen integral health, maintaining a balance, through the development of their sensitivity and increasing their skills through a holistic vision of health .


EMTA has the support of recognized institutions at the international level that are distinguished by their trajectory and their holistic and social approach. Besides the affinity in the programs, at academic level our formations are endorsed by the following institutions:

Collège de Naturopathie Rénovée André Lafon

International Holistic Health Training Center

Intercontinental University

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